How to tie a tie

Ever heard of tie-panic? It’s a thing. Let’s say you bought the perfect accessory for a formal event and it’s officially go time. Your suit is on point. You’ve got the crisp dress shirt, the collar is starched to perfection. You just need to throw on your tie and-

hold up, you have no idea what you’re doing.

The tie keeps slipping through your fingers.

The knot is wonky.

You’re going to be late.


No need to tie yourself up in knots (see what we did there?) over a simple matter of technique. Master this, and you’ll be done with sartorial angst once and for all:

Welcome, O weary dresser, to the only Full Windsor Knot tutorial you’ll ever need. Symmetrical, triangular, and downright sharp, this knot works especially well with a wide collar.

It’s time the two of you got acquainted.

How to tie a windsor knot

Step 1: Get the tie around your collar and cross the ends. The wide end goes over the narrow end.

Step 2: Get the tie through the loop.

Step 3: The crossover: By now you should have a loose knot going. Pass the front of the tie through the knot.

Step 4: Pull, tighten and you’re all good to go!

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