It's all in the silhouette

From our most loved leg shapes to our latest obsessions, make a silhouette shift to renew your look by injecting new shapes and versatility into your wardrobe.

Flowy Pant

What: Our feminine pant.

We adore: Easy to dress up or down, we love its casual chic look.

Modern stretch legging Pant

What: Our go-to legging.

We adore: Its effortless style, versatility and ultracomfortable fit.

Wide leg crop Pant

What: Our latest trendy pant.

We adore: Its eye-catching style, wide leg and high waist.

Paper bag Pant

What: Our trendy pant.

We adore: Its perfect combination of style and comfort. In three words: the ultimate pant.

Natalie Pant

What: Our best-selling jegging.

We adore: Its fit, versatility and easy care.

Straight leg Pant

What: Our classic pant.

We adore: Its everyday workwear appeal, paired with a matching blazer.

Wide leg Pant

What: Our fashion work pant.

We adore: Its flattering and feminine silhouette tailored for work.

Slim leg ankle length Pant

What: Our fashion statement pant.

We adore: Its comfortable fit, trendy colours and availability in different fabrics.

Slim leg Pant

What: Our fashion statement pant (in long length).

We adore: Its slimming fit and urban look.

Modern flare leg Pant

What: Our modern dress pant.

We adore: Its modern flare, perfect paired with heels.