Truth and Reconciliation


As a Canadian company, we acknowledge our responsibility to take part in important conversations that affect members of our community. On September 30th, we recognize the day of Truth and Reconciliation, a day to reflect on the tragic legacy that Canada has left onto Indigenous people.


Listen to our evocative panelists Julia Lafreniere, Michael Linklater, Beatrice Deer and host Brandon Gonez, as they share their experiences in their respective communities, all while educating and inspiring hope for future generations.


As an initiative towards Truth and Reconciliation, we have partnered up with Food Banks Canada to support and donate through their Nothern Food Insecurity Intiative to address the critical levels of food insecurity that exist in many northern communities. This donation and partnership will specifically aid and provide support to Indigenous, Inuit and Innu Peoples.

Food Banks Canada is building relationships and investing in communities to support Truth and Reconciliation along with community driven ideas for reducing food insecurity and driving food sovereignty with Indigenous people.

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