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The men's pant guide

Discover our menswear staples.


What: A staple in every man's wardrobe

Why you need it: Polished enough to wear to work and cool enough to wear on the weekend, it's your off-and-on-duty pant.

Available in Slim & Athletic fit.


What: The most versatile pant you can own

Why you need it: A cross between trousers & denim, which means you can easily dress it up and down.

Available in Straight fit.


What: The pant you would wear 24/7… if you were allowed!

Why you need it: An incontested favourite, jeans will always add an instant cool factor to your look.

Available in Athletic, Straight & Slim fit.

city pant

What: The perfect addition to your 9-to-5 wardrobe

Why you need it: When you just don't feel like wearing a suit but still want to look professional.

Available in Slim fit.

suit pant

What: A perfectly fitted suiting pant tailored to your style

Why you need it: A key to looking laser-sharp and put-together on any given day at the office or at a special event.

Available in Slim, Tailored &Athletic fit.